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Heritage Farms A New Cannabis Farm With Deep Roots

Heritage Farm Company is a cannabis farm in Manistee, Michigan. We value the substantial benefits of cannabis, which include economic growth, medical solutions, recreational use, and education.

It is our intent to bring our knowledge and experience in the cannabis cultivation and dispensary markets to Michigan. Our vision as cultivators is to produce only top-grade flower and press the envelope in an emerging market.

Competitive Advantage


We have access to rare and elite genetics that are highly sought after due to our strategic partnership with Serious Genetics. We currently own 100+ proprietary, rare, and heirloom genetic strains.


Heritage Farm Company is poised for growth. We use tried, and true Standard Operating Procedures gleaned from our 40 years of combined experience in California’s medical and recreational markets.


Heritage Farm Company is committed to the community. We use smart pest management strategies that are ecosystem-based and IPM Michigan state-compliant as 100% safe for human consumption


Our state-of-the-art equipment with automated controls, such as our accelerated irrigation and fertilization systems, offer extra quality control assurance for nutrients and water, preventing excess waste.



We possess a wide variety of rare and elite genetics that have been the foundation of our success in the industry.

Our Director of Cultivation is a passionate breeder, and our extensive seed stock grows and changes every season. We produce all of our own seeds for cultivation purposes in-house.

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